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Furaat Recharge Pit

Furaat is a modular recharge pit.
It comes in two types, which are as follows:
1) SFM (Sand Filtration Module) Which is advisable for roof top Rain Water Harvesting.
2) HFM (Horizontal Filtration Module) Which is advisable for roof and surface run off rain water harvesting.

For Surface run off rain water harvesting, HFM and SFM together is to be used. And for roof top rain water harvesting SFM alone is enough.

Rain water Harvesting System By furaat
1. Quick Installation.
2. Aesthetic look & Detailing.
3. Fexibility in volume & depth of well.
4. Good quality precast concrete slabs.
5. Integrated large steps for climbing down, hence easy to maintain.
6. One skilled & two unskiiled labourers can assemble this well within hours.
7. Well can be Installed around bore well without switching off its power.
8. Well can be assembled without using any special devices like chain pulley as weight of each slab facilitates working with simple tools, this makes assembly hassle free in rural areas.
9. Size, shape & weight of slabs facilitates well to be transported to remotest part of our country even using basic transport like bullock cart.
10.Well can be reused / recycled.