Conducting online Webinars and offline Training, Workshops and Seminars, to create Awareness on Rainwater Harvesting and Ground Water Management for Students, Professionals and Consultants. Knowledge being one of the Core Values of our organisation, we believe in updating and sharing Knowledge regularly which we practice through training.


Importance of Rainwater Harvesting Training:

Rainwater Harvesting Training Programs play a significant role in achieving the following objectives:

  • Knowledge Transfer: Training empowers individuals and communities with the necessary knowledge about Rainwater Harvesting Systems, including their design, components, maintenance, and benefits. It bridges the knowledge gap and promotes informed decision-making.
  • Skill Development: Training programs provide participants with practical skills, such as site assessment, system installation, and troubleshooting, enabling them to implement Rainwater Harvesting Systems effectively.
  • Capacity Building: By imparting training, individuals and communities become self-sufficient in managing and maintaining their Rainwater Harvesting Systems, fostering resilience and sustainability.
  • Awareness and Behaviour Change: Training raises awareness about the importance of Water Conservation and the role of Rain Water Harvesting in mitigating Water Scarcity. It promotes positive behaviour change, encouraging individuals to adopt Sustainable Water Practices.

Key Components of Rain Water Harvesting Training:

Comprehensive Rain Water Harvesting training programs typically include the following components:

  • Introduction to Rain Water Harvesting: Participants learn about the concept, principles, and benefits of rainwater harvesting, including its relevance in water conservation and sustainable development.
  • System Design and Implementation: Training covers various aspects of system design, including catchment area selection, storage options, filtration techniques, and distribution methods. Participants gain insights into the factors influencing system performance and efficiency.
  • Water Quality Management: Training programs emphasize the importance of water quality testing and treatment methods to ensure the safety and suitability of Harvested Rainwater for various uses.
  • Community Engagement and Advocacy: Training promotes community involvement and engagement in Rainwater Harvesting Initiatives. It equips participants with the skills to educate and advocate for sustainable water practices within their communities.

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