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Success Stories
Below is the brief list of successful implementations
Project at Maharashtra Nature Park-Mahim

Rainwater is stored in the lake constructed on a piece of Garbage filled land on the banks of Mithi River near Dharavi slums in Mumbai. The lake was excavated partially by visitors, students, NGOs and further developed considering Eco-friendly measures. The project is visited by Research students, environmentalists, etc. to study the Flora-Fauna in the park which is maintained by water stored in the lake. The Rooftop water collected from 2300 m2 roof area has been diverted to the new pond having surface area 4000m2. The water being used primarily for irrigation purpose saves money and reduces load on Municipal Water Supply which was being used for this purpose..

Project at Prabodhan Krida Bhavan

In this project, artificial recharge practices have improved quality and quantity of ground water. This has also made available water supply throughout the year for sprinkling water for grass on the playground. The ground water quality was getting deteriorated due to saline water intrusion in the area. This was resolved by artificial recharge through pure rainwater collected from rooftops and surface runoff collected through Storm water drains constructed at site

Project at Redwoods Society, Mulund

The development of ground water resource and recharge locations with bore wells, identified by locating fractures in hard rock terrain through innovative Methods/technology of Geophysical Investigation Techniques using Very Low Field Electromagnetic principles using ABEM WADI instrument in thickly populated areas.

Rural Areas: Susarwadi, Adivasi Ashram School

The innovative technique of artificially recharging overburdened soil through Rainwater Harvesting has benefitted the School by developing ground water at shallow depth thereby meeting basic needs throughout year.

Project at Asian Paints, Ankaleshwar (CSR Activity)

Asian Paints Ankaleshwar has taken up initiatives under CSR activities to set up Rain Water Harvesting  Project for various Schools in Ankaleshwar .