Frequently Asked Questions


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Systems for use in the house need domestic waterworks, which supply consumers with rainwater via a second supply network. If the tank is empty, the domestic waterworks automatically supply mains water to the supply network. We would recommend using a reversible flow fine filter for the best water quality.

Water, by itself, can remain fresh for a long time. The risk of contamination increases when the water is exposed to Sunlight and Air. Therefore, ensuring that Sunlight doesn’t enter our Storage tanks, is the simplest of solution to ensure that water in tank will remain usable.

The size of a rainwater tank is basically determined by three factors:
1. Local rainfall
2. Rain catchment area
3. Demand for rainwater
You can use the GRAF product advisor to work out the ideal tank size.

Rainwater while collection, can have Micro-Biological contaminants, which, on contact with Human Skin, may cause some infections. Therefore, Rainwater can be used for Laundry in Machines but not recommend for washing clothes by hand.