Rainwater Harvesting is Worthwhile for Making India Future Ready

In the present situation, the Management and Distribution of Water has become an integral part of development work in the country. There is an immense need for reform in the current water management system. As the conditions are getting worst day by day awareness that Rainwater Harvesting is Worthwhile for Making India Future Ready is important.

Rain is the prime source of all water on Earth. Even if the water is supplied at the doorstep from rivers, dams, lakes, Borewells, wells, etc. through pipelines; the rain is the root source of these all-intermediate resources. The rainwater falling on the ground and flowing as a run-off to the drainage lines, if tapped at the roof or surface catchment, utilized for our requirements and recharged the surplus; this will help not only the individuals to make water available within their own control but also to reduce stress and dependability on the water supply schemes.

Rainwater Harvesting is Worthwhile for India

Presently there are several practices observed in Water recovery Management starting from Dew Drop Harvesting to Waste Water Treatment including sewage Treatment (STP), Effluent Treatment (ETP) and seawater Treatment – desalination, etc. However, in today’s changing scenario, there is a need to adopt the most efficient water management system, i.e. RAINWATER HARVESTING (RWH).

The process refers to the technique of utilizing every drop of rainwater freely available in nature to meet our requirements during the rainy season and using surplus rainwater for facilitating artificial recharging of groundwater. A conscious effort to collect, store and utilize the rainwater to fulfill water needs for Domestic, Industrial, and Agricultural purpose is truly imperative. Rainwater being the prime source of all water available on Earth, we have evolved ourselves through Harvesting Rainwater to Make Every Drop Count…Bringing Water Abundance for our Nation-India. In conclusion, Rainwater Harvesting is Worthwhile for Making India Future Ready.