Water flow meter


“What Gets Monitored, Gets Improved” is a something we all are aware of. The same is applicable in case of our Water Usage. In the Energy Efficient Times like these, Measuring our Water consumption is a Prime Need to facilitate optimized usage of water in Our Premises.

Therefore, Water Field brings to you a Smart Water Metering Solution that helps you walking towards Water Abundance!

Key Features:
  • Inbuilt 4G/GPRS Communication
  • Weather Protection-works in all seasons
  • Battery Operated-No More Wires!
  • Online Logbook-No More Manual Errors
  • Available in 8 Different Sizes; for Flow Rates ranging from 0.15 cu m/hr to 400 cu m/hr
  • Turndown Ratio (R)-40
  • Metering Technology-Ultrasonic Transit Time
  • Power Source-2D Size Li Batteries
  • Battery Life-3 years (with transmission every 8 hours)
  • Display Parameters-LCD display with; Forward Direction, forward and reverse flow rate, cumulative forward flow, Device Name.
  • Certification: ISO 4064:2014
  • Accuracy: As per IOS 4064, Class B
  • Materials; Cast Iron Casing & ABS Enclosure


Key Features:
  • Cohesive Force
  • Zero Energy Consumption
  • Self-Cleaning
  • No Consumables
  • Automatic Operation/No Human Intervention Required
  • Easy-To-Use
  • Compact Design
  • Durable Material
  • Aesthetically-Adaptive
  • Dual Intensity-High Efficiency
Technical Specifications & Parameters of various models of Rainy FL Series Online-Dual Intensity RWH (Primary)Filter
Rainy FL-80 Rainy FL-150 Rainy FL-250 Rainy FL-300 Rainy FL-500
Suitable up to roof area: 120 SQMTRS 180 SQMTRS 225 SQMTRS 350 SQMTRS 500 SQMTRS
Max: Intensity of Rainfall: 75 mm/hr 75 mm/hr 75 mm/hr 75 mm/hr 75 mm/hr
Working Principle: Cohesive Force & Centrifugal force
Operating Pressure: Less Than 2 feet of head (0.060kg/cm2)
Capacity: 120 LPM 180 LPM 225 LPM 340 LPM 480 LPM
Filter Element: SS-304 Screen SS-304 Screen SS-304 Screen SS-304 Screen SS-304 Screen
Mesh Size: 250 Microns 250 Microns 250 Microns 250 Microns 250 Microns
Inlet: 90 MM 110 MM 110 MM 110 MM 110 MM
Clean Water Outlet: 63 MM 75 MM 75 MM 90 MM 90 MM
Drain Outlet: 90 MM 90 MM 90 MM 90 MM 110 MM
Housing: High Density Polythylene
Efficiency of Filter: Above 90% Above 90% Above 90% Above 90% Above 90%
Source Of Power Gravity Gravity Gravity Gravity Gravity

V Wire Screen

V Wire Screen

The V wire screen is a stainless-steel grade SS-304, Cage type trapezoidal wire wound screen. Screen is evenly distributed continuous slot opening of 0.75 MM, so that it has more open area for minimum turbulence and loss of energy. The special design gives continuous slot opening across the periphery and length of screen

The trapezoidal V shape inwardly widening slots are non clogging, so that sediments have only point contact. The diameter of the V wire screen is 150 mm, length 0.5 Metre.



Normal water discharging devices deliver water with a flow rate that is proportionate to the inlet water pressure. However, water saving components are pressure compensating i.e., inlet water pressures do not affect output flow rates. For example, if the output flow rate of a faucet is 6 LPM at 1Kg/cm2 inlet water pressure and then the inlet water pressure changes to 5 Kg/cm2 or vice versa – you still get the output flow rate at 6 LPM. This technological marvel is achieved through a uniquely designed ‘o’ ring that expands or contracts in accordance to line pressures thereby keeping the output flow rate fixed.

  • Water is conserved at source. Accumulated savings per medium-sized household can be anywhere between 1500 to 2500 liters of water a day or more.
  • Due to controlled flow rates of each water dispending device, the life of water fitting increases and risks of water leakages or hose bursting become minimal.
  • Self-Cleaning/Auto Cleaning Aerators: Aerators have a unique feature of self-cleaning apart from water saving. The AC aerators not only self- clean the accumulated dirt regularly during use but also has the combined feature of water conserving. These are called the AC-PCA (Auto Clean – Pressure compensating aerators) Aerators.