Advantages of Installing Rainwater Harvesting System

Bringing Self-Sufficiency in fulfilling Water Needs

As Rain is the prime source of all water on the Earth, Rain Water Harvesting systems ensures water availability within the premises which can suffice the water requirements throughout the year, thus it helps people to become self-sufficient of their water requirements by ‘Catching Rain Water, When It Falls, Where It Falls.’ #Self-Sufficient #AtmaNirbharBharat

Helps Reduction in Water Bills & Pumping Cost

Rainwater is available FREE every year, which should be utilized directly during the Monsoon, thereby, dependability on Municipal Water Supplies and extraction of Groundwater Resources is minimized during this period. It not only helps in reducing water bills but also reduces, recurring amount spent on energy bills on water pumps, substantially. #WaterBills #PumpingCosts

It Raises and Maintains Groundwater Table

Continuous and excessive pumping of sub-surface water has resulted in reduced quantity of available groundwater which has led to, severely depleting groundwater levels. Artificial Recharging of Rainwater in Groundwater Sources helps to replenish the Fast-Depleting Groundwater Table, resulting in raising and maintaining the water levels in the aquifers thereby making ground water sources sustainable, throughout the Year. #groundwatertable #groundwaterrecharge

Improves Quality of Groundwater

Groundwater may contain the contaminants, making it unfit for use. Rainwater being purest in nature, when recharged through Artificial Recharging Systems suitably designed under Rainwater Harvesting Projects helps in diluting the residual groundwater thereby improving not only the quantity but also its quality and subsequently making it fit for use. #groundwaterrecharge #givingback

Helps in Reduced Soil Erosion

Rainwater Harvesting Systems, once installed, leads to reduction in the amount of surface runoff significantly. This, in turn, helps in reducing soil erosion and help in protection of Plant Cover within the premises. #SaveEarth #Afforestation