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Rainwater Harvesting Consultancy

We offer Customized Designs for Modular Rainwater Harvesting and Ground Water Management Systems which are suitable as per the site conditions including Feasibility Study, Data Collection, Detailed Design with Cost Optimization, Preparing Drawing Layouts (GFC-Drawings), Detailed Estimates, Providing As-Built Drawings, Periodic Site Visits for Supervision to Ensure the Quality Work Delivered at site, Report Preparation and Submission to obtain OC/NOC Compliances from Statutory Authorities like Municipal Corporations, CGWA and State Pollution Control Boards. Preparing Detailed Project Reports (DPR) Covering Feasibility and Potential Study of the Proposals including Submission of Budgetary Cost estimates for Projects to be funded under CSR initiatives.

Hydrogeological Study - Geophysical & GPS Surveys

Conducting a detailed Hydrogeological Study and Geophysical Investigation using State of the Art Technology to identify the favourable locations for Groundwater Resources, like Dug well/Bore well proposed to be developed at the site for production as well as Artificial recharging of Groundwater sources towards making them sustainable throughout the year.

We conduct the Groundwater Surveys with State-of-the-Art Technology using Geophysical Survey Methods Operated by trained professionals in the team.

Geophysical Survey Methods adopted are:

  • Electromagnetic Survey
  • Electrical Resistivity Survey

GPS Surveys are conducted for network design of Water Supply pipelines also for preparing the layouts of the Hydrological Surveys indicating the latitude and longitudes of the points suggested on the ground.

Water Audit

Conducting Water Audit to assess the water needs and the water usage with respect to Quantity and Quality Parameters. Submitting the Final Water Audit reports including the effective Water Management Solutions and recommendations to make water available throughout the year using optimum energy and cost for the same.

Water Audit is necessary to be conducted as a first step for every establishment including Housing Societies, Industries, Commercial Establishments, Hotels, Institutions, Hospitals and other Water Extensive Industries. A Water Audit, conducted by Our Team at “Water field Technologies Pvt Ltd” ensuring benefit to the Customers, in terms of making water available independently throughout the year with the least cost expenditure.

Supplying Products for Installation of Rain Water Harvesting Projects: B2C

We believe that quality should always be committed and delivered. Hence, we prefer, recommend to install, verified and best-in-class modular Rainwater Harvesting products supplied as per the requirement of customized and practically workable designs to suit the Customer’s need.

Dealerships for Supplying Water Management Products: B2B

We offer the range of products required for the installation under water conservation and management projects through our dealers’ network across India.