Detailed Advantages of Field Testing in the Water sector

Field Testing

Detailed study of the Geological and Hydrological features of the area is necessary for adequately selecting the site and the suitable type of artificial recharge system.

We perform the following tests:

Pumping test with the bore

Water is pumped out from the borewell for 2 to 3 hours with a known pumping rate.

While pumping water level is recorded from start and then after every 15 minutes till we stop pumping. The pump is to be operated for 2 to 4 hours.

After we stop pumping water level is again recorded every 15 minutes till it attains the original level.

From the above data, we can calculate the intake capacity of borewells.

Infiltration test

It is a simple method for finding out the infiltration rate of the soil. (flow rate of water into the ground) The instrument consists of 2 concentric rings with the outer ring having a diameter of 30 cm and the inner ring having a diameter of 15 cm. (or outer 60 cm & Inner 30 cm). The height of each ring is 30 cm. The two rings are driven partially into the soil (say 10 cm inside the soil) so that rings stand vertically on their own. The first outer ring is filled up with water and then the inner ring is filled up with water. The water level in both rings is maintained either manually or with instruments till a steady drawdown rate is observed. This steady rate will indicate the Infiltration rate of that soil.