Bringing Water Abundance-ESG Perspective

  • Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) is a new perspective which is an action-driven agenda for all Environmentally-conscious Organizations World-Over. The concept in itself, when applied to any intervention, talks about steps required to be taken in the direction towards conservation and protection of Our Environment. These actions, as a ripple effect, must create a positive impact on the Society demanding systems to be in place to Govern these factors. This is in order to set better accountability measures also quantify the positive impact created by these interventions.
  • We, at ‘Water Field’ Group, design the systems to ensure complete collaboration with Mother Nature, and integrate state-of-the-art technologies for monitoring and controlling systems such that complete accountability is set in place. Accountable systems allow the organization to be updated about the real-time factual data, thus facilitating them to take well-informed decision from time to time.
  • Environment: The Rain Water Harvesting systems that we design and install, may help in bringing self-sufficiency for meeting secondary water needs through the year, independently within the premises. These systems, make best use of currently available resources. The raw materials used are durable and installations are environment friendly. The Designs are made by giving equal importance to fulfilment of needs as well as making the sources sustainable with customized systems which are designed and recommended as per site suitability.
  • Social: Since ancient times, ‘Water’ is the foundation for any civilization. Food, Shelter and Clothing are basic needs of life; however, Water is the basic need required for producing and fulfilling all three basic needs of Life. Thus, social well-being and Harmony lies in Bringing Water Abundance to all. When the Water Management Systems, that we design and install, are set in place to be completely functional with minimum maintenance costs, the benefits are enjoyed by the Society as a whole.
  • Governance: For a crucial subject like ‘Water,’ setting up stringent monitoring systems is equally crucial. Industries and Organizations today are spending a substantial amount of money on Water and Energy Bills for making water available to suffice their needs.
  • Integrated Monitoring and Controlling systems will ensure accountability for every drop of water handled, maintaining water balance account by means of continuous updates through IoT. It helps to have check on any possible wastages and leakages. With the Government taking pro-active steps towards setting up an accountability on utilization of Natural Resources, we ensure that all our system include cost-effective solutions including accountability measures to ensure not only the compliance but also, making this data available, for further decision-making, by the Users.