United Nation’s SDG

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Our Contribution to UN SDG’s

SDG 3: Good Health and Well-Being As we know, 70% of Diseases World-Wide are caused due to poor quality of Water. Thus, Access to Clean, potable water is an integral step towards achieving Good Health and Well Being for any element of the Society. We are committed to provide Safe Potable Water to everyone by Effectively Managing the Water Sources, helping you make the best possible use of water and thus ensure availability of Safe Potable water in Sufficient Quantity for attaining Good Health and Well- Being of the entire society.

SDG 4: Quality Education Pupils not attending school regularly due to unavailability of water in school premises in a common scenario in the Rural Areas. This in-turn acts as an obstacle in the acquiring of Quality Education Process of the Children all around the Globe. We help in designing and commissioning of Modular Rain Water Harvesting Systems in School located in Urban as well as Rural Areas. The system ensures availability of Water “All-Year Round” and thus facilitates in delivering of Quality Education to Children. This creates a “Belief” in the Upcoming Generations of the World, about Effective Water Management Systems practically demonstrated at School Level.

SDG 5: Gender Equality In Majority of Households, procurement of water remains the Responsibility of the Women in the House. Thus, due to intermittent availability of water, the most affected are the Women in the Society, especially in Rural Areas. We help to set up Custom-Designed Modular Rain Water Harvesting System that will make the availability of Water within the premises, independently fulfilling the partial need of water for Domestic Chores, a Hassel-Free Matter for everyone.

SDG 6: Clean Water and Sanitation Water is the most basic need for all mankind. It is not only a Raw Material for all the processes but also is an integral element for maintaining sanitation everywhere. Evidently, there is No Sanitation possible without Water. We design and implement Customized and Modular Rain Water Harvesting and Ground Water Management Systems that help ensure optimization of all water resources, fulfilling the Clean Water and Sanitation needs independently.

SDG 7: Affordable and Clean Energy With the Depleting Non-Renewable Energy sources, the growing amount of pollution in the World, use of Affordable and Clean Energy has become the need of the hour. We, at Water Field Group, help in designing of Custom-Made Modular Designs that can be designed to work purely of clean energy sources and will reduce the electricity utilized for pumping up to a great extent.

SDG 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure Industries play an integral role in the development of a Nation. The industries often act as the financial pillar for the growth of the Nation. On the other hand, development stage of any nation can be well judged by analysing the infrastructure developed within the Country. Water Management becomes a crucial point for both Industries and Infrastructure. Thus, we help with Innovative designs and set up Modular Rain Water Harvesting and Ground Water Management Systems to bring Sustainability of Water Sources in all Industries and Infrastructural Projects. We have numerous Success Stories about the Solutions provided to Water Intensive sectors which has resulted in reduction in the Water Bills of the establishment up to a great extent. Further, this helps in reduction of Production Costs and Increase in Profits.

SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities with the Increasing Global Warming, also Decreasing Green Cover of the World, attaining Source Sustainability by adopting proper Systems has become a need of the hour. Only by use of Sustainable Materials and Systems can we protect and sustain our Environment for our Future Generations. We have integral part as “Sustainability” approach in all our designs and thus contribute to Conservation and Protection of our Environment.

SDG 12: Responsible Consumption and Production Best Utilization of available resources thereby using them responsibly and optimally will have a positive impact on our Environment by reducing the demand and reducing the wastage too. “Rain” which is the prime source of all Water on the Earth, which when utilized to its fullest extent, not only reduces our demand of water from public water supplies but also reduces the amount of water wasted and discharged into the Environment. We help Design and Install Systems that utilize the precious resource “Rain Water” which is Otherwise-Wasted down the drains. The Optimal use of Rains is the need of the hour wherein we help you to best utilize the Rain falling on your Rooftops and open surfaces within your Premises.

SDG 13: Climate Action Today, Conserving and protecting our Environment is a crucial component that needs to be taken care of while any Development Activity is taking place. Any Activity needs to be studied considering all the parameters including and most importantly its impact on the surrounding Environment. We ensure all design and material to be Environment Friendly and try to create a positive impact on the Environment surrounding Us.

An Appeal …

Let’s Come Together, Adopt Best Practices in Total Water Management, striving towards Bringing Water Abundance to all, and play Our Role in helping the World Achieve the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s)